The Jadeidi-Makr Occupational Training Center

Location: Jadeidi-Makr
Client: Jadeidi-Makr Local Council
Completed: 2005
The center provides occupational training for about 50 trainees from the Arab community in the Western Galilee.  The building is located on a hilltop overlooking scenic olive groves.  The entrance to the single-story building leads to a central lobby with a skylight, with the dining room and kitchen on one side, and the offices and training areas on the other.  The southern section of the building faces the view, and contains three glass-paned production rooms.  The partitions between the rooms are also glass paned, allowing for eye contact between staff and trainees.
Outdoor areas for relaxing during break times are located in the lower southern area of the site, taking advantage of the natural slope and providing shaded sitting areas, a garden and a sports field.  A paved area adjoining the dining hall also serves as an outdoor gathering area.
[occupational training, special needs]

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