Israel Vipassana Meditation Center


Location: Kibbutz Degania, Jordan Valley
Client: Israel Vipassana Trust
Completed: 2014

The Israel Vipassana Meditation Center is located in the Jordan Valley, and is one of 150 Vipassana Meditation centers worldwide. The center conducts courses for both Israeli meditators and students from abroad, who reside in the retreat for the duration of their training.
Situated on a plateau overlooking the Jordan River amidst the Degania Kibbutz plantations, the Center is minutes from the Sea of Galilee, at 200 meters below sea level.
These unique surroundings inspired an organic-like layout that blends in with the landscape, and a design that seeks to let in the natural environment and spectacular scenery.

"…The hall is incredible, I do not know a better hall in the world. Amazing that out of all the struggle and years of effort, something perfect has arisen. […]
I really do think that the very architecture of the hall creates exactly the right atmosphere for the intended activity.”

                                                                        Bill Hart, author of The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation

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